Image Not Exist Venus Classic
Item Code : Venus
Item Name : Venus Classic
Description : Introducing Venus, a window shading system that will elevate the beauty of your home with latest fashions created to the highest standards. Venus will enhance your most breathtaking views with the elegance and grace of a shear drapery but with privacy and functionality of a venetian blind. Protect your privacy and control the sunlight while making a lasting impression with the timeless appeal of Venus.
Price : $
Image Not Exist Venus Shade
Item Code : VS
Item Name : Venus Shade
Description : We can supply a large selection of fabrics by the roll. No need to order full containers. We can ship by containers, air cargo or courier.
Price : $
Image Not Exist Twilight Classic
Item Code : Twilight
Item Name : Twilight Classic
Description : Providing delicate control of natural light while maintaining an exquisite appearance is the true strength of Twilight. Twilight employs an ingenious shading system which allows the user maximum control over light, privacy and protection. A masterful crafter of sunlight, Twilight will add warmth to any room.
Price : $
Image Not Exist Lunar Shade
Item Code : Lunar
Item Name : Lunar Shade
Description : A perfect compliment to our other sheer offerings, Lunar appeals to the same high standards with a versatile vertical shade. With the functionality of the most reliable vertical system presented with the high luxury of the latest fashions, Lunar is a great addition to your most important views. Providing the strength of clear PVC louvers wrapped in an elegant sheer accentuated with the most stylish colours, Lunar will meet your highest demands.
Price : $
Image Not Exist Athena Shade
Item Code : Athena
Item Name : Athena Shade
Description : Conceived in the essence of Venus comes a revolution in window fashions, Athena. Featuring an open, ribboned fašade of the finest fabrics balanced with an elegant shear, the form and geometry of Athena will astound. Athena combines bold expression with enhanced functionality and will surely serve a central role in your design.
Price : $